Utilities in OpenFOAM


Source Code: OpenFOAM-dev/applications/utilities/preProcessing/applyBoundaryLayer

Apply a simplified boundary-layer model to the velocity and turbulence fields based on the 1/7th power-law.

The uniform boundary-layer thickness is either provided via the -ybl option or calculated as the average of the distance to the wall scaled with the thickness coefficient supplied via the option -Cbl. If both options are provided -ybl is used.

The velocity profile is initialized based on the 1/7th power law turbulent velocity profile:
\boldsymbol{u} = \boldsymbol{U} \left( \frac{y_w}{\delta} \right)^{\frac{1}{7}}, \tag{1}
where \(\boldsymbol{U}\) is the main flow velocity, \(y_w\) is the distance to the wall and \(\delta\) is the boundary-layer thickness.


Author: fumiya

CFD engineer in Japan