Boundary Layer Mesh Calculator

I will implement some calculators to estimate the proper settings for the boundary prism layer meshing.

Simple mathematical calculations, such as the four arithmetic operations and power, can be done using HTML and JavaScript.

Boundary Layer Mesh

l_{n} = l_{1} r^{n-1}
l_{tot} = \sum_{k=1}^{n} l_{1} r^{k-1} = \frac{l_{1} \left( r^n – 1 \right)}{r – 1}    \left( r \neq 1 \right)

First layer thickness \(l_{1}\):
# Prism layers \(n\):
Growth rate \(r\):
Write precision:  6


Last layer thickness \(l_{n}\):
Total thickness \(l_{tot}\):

Boundary Layer Thickness – Internal Flow

Under construction – please check again later

Boundary Layer Thickness – External Flow

Under construction – please check again later

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