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I aspire to make it an ideal place for getting both specific information on how to use OpenFOAM and versatile knowledge of physics and CFD not limited to a particular software.

I like both CFD and website building so I’d be really happy if I could save your search time and help you to concentrate on your own work through my blog.


  • Versatile knowledge of physics and CFD
  • Accurate and concise description of OpenFOAM
  • Wealth of illustrative pictures
  • Pleasing to the eye

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My Interests

I am planning to post information on the following topics:

fvOptions in OpenFOAM

The fvOptions functionality in OpenFOAM is flexible framework to add various source terms to the governing equations without the need to rewrite the original source code.

Solvers in OpenFOAM
  • Heat Transfer: buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam, buoyantPimpleFoam, etc.
  • Multiphase: cavitatingFoam, twoPhaseEulerFoam, etc.
  • Lagrangian: DPMFoam, MPPICFoam, sprayFoam, etc.
Utilities in OpenFOAM

There are many useful utilities in OpenFOAM.

Turbulence Models

Hybrid Approaches

OSS and Numerical Libraries
Other Work