Conduction, convection and radiation in OpenFOAM (Under construction)

This page is under construction. I will update by adding a description of each solver and model.



Conduction + Convection (Conjugate Heat Transfer)
  • chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam (Steady)
  • chtMultiRegionFoam (Transient)
+ Radiation

All the above solvers but laplacianFoam are able to deal with the radiative heat transfer. There are the following five (virtually four) models available in OpenFOAM. Their source code is located in src/thermophysicalModels/radiation/radiationModels and we can see the brief descriptions in the header file of each radiation class.

  • P1

Keywords: optical thickness [2]

  • fvDOM (Finite Volume Discrete Ordinates Method)

  • viewFactor

  • opaqueSolid

  • none

The settings of the radiation models are described in constant/radiationProperties file.


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