Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA) part3

I’ve looked for some benchmark problems in the computational aeroacoustics (CAA) and found the eight problem categories that the BANC (Benchmark Problems for Airframe Noise Computations) workshop has addressed. This workshop is sponsored by the Aeroacoustics Technical Committee.

  • Inline Tandem Cylinders
  • Minimal 4-wheel Landing Gear (Rudimentary Landing Gear)
  • Partially-Dressed Cavity-Closed Nose Landing Gear (PDCC-NLG)
  • NASA Slat Noise Configuration (30P30N)

We can access the documents that describe the problem statement by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page:

I’ll try some problems using iconCFD and introduce my results.

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Author: fumiya

CFD engineer in Japan

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